Welcome to the Mork Kenji Photography blog.

I have been working as a Graphic Artist and Photographer for the past five years. It started off as a hobby
when i was a kid and grew into what i do today. If you count the pictures I took when I was very young and
first experimenting with photography, then I've done thousands of shoots by now. However, when i show
work to advertising, wedding and event clients to get jobs, all those years of pressing buttons and pushing
pixels has led to only small selection of image that i choose to display here.

The art of photography has given me a gift. It has given me an outlet express and capture life. Looking
back on this past year I am thankful that I am documenting my life with my wife that seem to grow by
leaps and bounds overnight. Photography not allows me to capture my own families tiny moments but
I am able to capture my friends, family and clients. I am grateful for every opportunity that arises for me
to take out my camera and shoot. 

I love that a wedding is a celebration of life. I love meeting couples and hearing their unique stories.
I love capturing such a special dan and feel so blessed to experience all the special moments,
moments that fill up the entire room with an unbelievable sense of love & joy. These are the moments
that make me smile and tear up behind the lens. There are the moments that make me realize how
much in love i am with i do!

Thanks for joining me on adventure.

Warm Regards, 
Mokhtar Ahmad (Mork)

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